First Review of “The Defiant Machine”

The first review of the new CD is in and we couldn’t be happier!!

“….THE instrumental record of 2016 wasn’t issued by [Steve] Vai, [Yngwie] Malmsteen, [Paul] Gilbert or any of the ‘marquee names.’ That distinction belongs to LoNero for their album ‘The Defiant Machine.’ Who doesn’t love an underdog?” Read the entire review below.–1469221813–648–cat-rock-roots

New Song Debut and Album Unboxing

We are very happy to debut the worldwide premiere of our song “The Machine” from the new CD “The Defiant Machine” (available 8/2/16). We also spent 3 hours at our studio signing over 200 preorders and 100 preorder posters. Check out the song here.

The Defiant Machine Preorder


PreOrder the new CD “The Defiant Machine”. Release date: 08/02/16. All preorders come with a free can cozy.

The Defiant Machine PreOrder

New Merch Available

We are pleased to announce new merch is available. We have a new logo shirt, new stickers and can cozie available. Our logo shirt was a huge hit on tour and we decided to make them available on our site. To order your shirt or check out all of our merchandise please click here.

We are excited to announce that the new CD “The Defiant Machine” is finished and will be available very soon. Pre-Orders will also be available. For those that have already pre-ordered at shows on our tour, we will be sending it out to you soon. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Mixing is DONE!

Very happy to announce that all the mixing for the new CD “The Defiant Machine” is done! This album isn’t just a collection of songs thrown together in some haphazard way. We have taken time to assemble them in a logical order that goes with the theme of this album. Yes, you read that right. This album, which is all instrumental has a theme. That theme is the history of war throughout the last 100 years and how war, no matter how much people protest against it, no matter how much we hate it, is a Defiant Machine. We want to take the listener on a journey with this album. As musicians, we want to take ourselves on a journey. We aren’t content to release the same album over and over and over. Each album needs to be unique unto itself. And with “The Defiant Machine” we have made sure it stands on it’s own yet still retains the sound of LoNero. Below are the song titles for the new album.

1. “Masterpeace of Aggression”
2. “Defiant”
3. “Perception”
4. “The Last War Horse”
5. “A New Dark Age”
6. “Burning of Ideals (A Date That Will Live in Infamy)”
7.  “The Hammer”
8. “The Machine”
9. “13 Days”
10 “In Pursuit”
11. “The End”

Joe Satriani

We just had to post this cause it’s too cool not to!

New Interview

Be sure to check out the latest issue of Rock and Roll Industries magazine for a brand new interview with LoNero on bookshelves now.

New Drummer Found!

We are very excited to announce that we have found our new drummer. He is a great player and fits very well in LoNero. His debut with us will be September 29th at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco when we open for guitar legend Marty Friedman. No it’s not Cousin IT. 🙂

Lineup Change

LoNero has parted ways with drummer Marco Bicca and guitarist Nasser Abdalla. Whomever we get to replace them, rest assured they will hold true to what LoNero is about….teamwork. Of course this change has delayed the release of our new cd “The Defiant Machine” and we appreciate your support and understanding while we take LoNero into the next chapter of our careers. Thank you as always for listening and for supporting our vision and don’t worry…we will be back better than ever!