Here’s just some of our favorite reviews we’ve received:

“….THE instrumental record of the year wasn’t issued by [Steve] Vai, [Yngwie] Malmsteen, [Paul] Gilbert or any of the ‘marquee names.’ That distinction belongs to LoNero for their album ‘The Defiant Machine.’ Who doesn’t love an underdog?”
Oregon Music News

“…They claim to have invented Guitarcore, so you should really hate them. But you can’t, because they’re just so damn good!”
Guitar Player Magazine

LoNero have released their new album titled ‘The Defiant Machine’. It is a 10 track ‘instrumental concept piece.
So what can be expected when releasing a conceptual album without any lyrics. It seems hard doesn’t it?
Well when taking war as a subject it seems possible. .The 10 thrilling songs have so much energy that vocals are almost not missed!!
The songs are glued together with various presidential speeches from the past, something that does destract a bit from the sound I think.
Now you could suggest the days of instrumental metal albums are a thing from the past with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani as strongholders.
LoNero proves wrong.
Their so called “Guitarcore” is exactly filling a gap thet was never filled before.LoNero is led by founder/lead guitarist Bill Lonero.
As said before uses the theme of ‘war’ through the last 100 years; Doing so it gives the album a very powerful, extreme journey.
The album as a whole is great; although, I am having problems finding a track that really stand out from the others. not that this is a problem, it’s all good. The musicians sound tight like a pack of dogs, or should i say a formation of F18 Hornets. It is clear tht all musicians know exactly what is needed here, pure quality and energy. Summing it all up, this album to me is the instrumental hardrock/metal album of the year so far, due to its intense energy. An album which is great to release some internal agression in a positive way.

“Undoubtedly influenced by six-string heroes Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, and Joe Satriani, he is pushing the limits in both songwriting and shredding.”
The Metal Den

“Since first hearing LoNero back in 2011, I knew I was listening to something really special. LoNero delivers their own brand of instrumental progressive hard rock/metal that they lovingly refer to as Guitarcore. Now before you go rolling your eyes, you need to understand that in these days, you have to give yourself a label that separates you from the herd but even without the genre tag, LoNero stands on their own with influences ranging from the old Shrapnel days mixed with elements of thrash and punk…..”
The Great Southern Brainfart

“Unlike most instrumental guitar players out there who’s music is soft, LoNero’s music is mean, intense, nasty, urgent, aggressive and angry! I’m definitely a fan!!!!!”
Neil Zlozower, Legendary Rock Photographer

“The term ‘rocking out’ can be severely over-used, but take it from us: guitarcore pioneers LoNero seriously ROCK OUT. ”

“…Put the preconceptions away and indulge yourself in an instrumental album that has as much, if not more power, emotion and clarity than most of the lyric based acts around. LoNero deserve to be huge, it’s up to you to get them there!”
Steven Reid – Sea of Tranquility

“LONERO are the self proclaimed purveyors of “Guitar-Core”, and after hearing their new album JFL, I see no need to argue with them on the subject. I think it’s safe to say that shredding has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to great guitar driven records. Sure, there are a lot of great heavy instrumental bands out there, but this is something different altogether. Each and every track on JFL is unique to itself… Those of you who find it hard to get into compositions without lyrics should have no problem getting comfortable with LONERO’s music. Although the words aren’t there, the instruments are well capable of doing the speaking in a language that we all can understand. Each song has it’s chosen path and sticks to that formula for a good four or five minutes, then on to the next one, giving you the feel of a conventional rock record, even if this is anything but run of the mill. Stream, buy or inject this entire album………..NOW!”
Lexington Music Press

“The hardest part of doing what I do is sifting through the endless stacks of CDs and MP3 downloads I receive from bands to try and find something worth writing about. I get endless albums of bands that sound like 3rd rate versions of already crappy bands making it downright painful to listen. Every now and then an album shines through the muck like a gem in the rough. When LoNero’s album “JFL” was brought to my attention, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, all I had to do was “JFL” just like the album title says. JUST FUCKING LISTEN….. …..Lonero’s “JFL” was a breath of fresh air for me. Words can sometimes get in the way even for a guy like me who loves lyrical music. Do yourself a favor. Pick up this album and do as the title says; “JFL”!”
The Great Southern Brain Fart

“They call it guitarcore. What I call it is great instrumental guitar driven rock and roll. It is a genre that has few who can do it well but many who try. LoNero has got it right. Instead of showing how many notes can be crammed into a bar of music or delving into what can only be called extended wanking, they remembered that the most important aspect of music is melody. The many different sides to this band makes this disc a dynamic listening experience. JFL just begs for you to slap it in the car player and head down to the nearest coastline and just cruise. I have been trying to figure out what the name of the album means and after hearing it I think it must be an abbreviation for Just F’ing Listen!!…….”
Sea of Tranquility

“LoNero is from California and play the best instrumental music I have ever heard; It is not just instrumental skills, but also a variety of arrangement and major difference of composition that blows you away after listening to it. Its not just guitar solo after guitar solo on the top of rhythms and sounds- the whole band is equal in the sound picture.”
Eternal Terror Magazine

“The motto of instrumental band LoNero is “No Excuses” and after hearing their music you immediately know why. They have gone against the grain of popular music by delivering their own unique style of rock that is hard-hitting and, yet, melodic.”
Justin Powell – Instrumental Jams